Bhola Mritshilpa & Handicrafts stands as the largest and oldest manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of clay products and handicrafts in Bangladesh. It engages in both wholesale and retail operations on a global scale, offering a diverse range of traditional handmade pottery, including dinnerware, cookware, planters, and decorative items. Additionally, the company specializes in earthenware, clayware, bamboo and cane products, jute goods, ornaments, brass, and bell metal objects, along with other home decor items.


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Phase 1 (Late 1980s)

Bhola Mritshilpa, a distinguished name in the realm of pottery, traces its roots back to the late 1980s when a fortuitous incident unfolded during a pottery fair near Dhaka University. Potters from the Paul Community, facing adversity due to a sudden storm, entrusted their creations to a vigilant security guard at Bangladesh Shishu Academy. This act led to an impromptu display that captivated the attention of passersby. Recognizing
the burgeoning interest, temporary pottery shops emerged, showcasing diverse clay creations from regions like Patuakhali, Kushtia, Gazipur, Gopalganj, Savar, and Madaripur. This marked the embryonic stage of what would later become Bhola Mritshilpa, a company dedicated to supplying pottery goods.

Phase 2 (Late 1980s - Early 2000s)

In this phase, Muhammad Ruhul Amin, initially a government employee in Dhaka, identified the potential of the pottery business. Inspired by this realization, he ventured to bring pottery items from his native village, Bhola Kumarpara, to Dhaka. Bhola Mritshilpa emerged from a modest shop in Chankharpool. As Humayun Kabir, the current leader and managing director, joined his father in the business, he recognized the gap between the demand and supply of pottery products. Taking a progressive step in the early 2000s, Humayun strategically collaborated with potters nationwide, establishing a network to source clay products efficiently.

Phase 3 (Early 2000s - 2019)

Humayun Kabir’s innovative approach transformed Bhola Mritshilpa into a prominent force in the production, marketing, and supply of handicraft products. He meticulously curated a collection from skilled potters across the country, broadening the product range. The demand for these distinctive clay products spread beyond Doel Chattar to various parts of Dhaka, including Dhanmondi and Mirpur. Bhola Mritshilpa actively participated in cottage industry fairs, adapting designs to meet customer
preferences. The business flourished, with products reaching international destinations like the UK, USA, Canada, Malaysia, and Dubai, along with receiving personal orders from Germany, Australia, and India.

Phase 4 (2019 - Present)

A pivotal figure in the transformative journey of Bhola Mritshilpa is Monjur Kibriya Bhuiyan, a visionary entrepreneur with an unwavering commitment to reshaping the pottery landscape in Bangladesh. Joining the company as a project manager, Kibriya swiftly climbed the ranks, later becoming the Brand Manager. Currently, he serves as the Social and Digital Media Manager and Chief Advisor to the company.

Under Kibriya’s leadership, Bhola Mritshilpa made significant strides in embracing the digital era. He spearheaded the creation of the first-ever ecommerce website solely dedicated to selling pottery items. This strategic move not only expanded the reach of Bhola Mritshilpa but also revolutionized the way pottery was bought and sold in Bangladesh. The online platform, initiated in 2019, became a lifeline during the challenges
posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring continued accessibility for customers even when physical stores faced closures.
Kibriya’s visionary approach extended beyond the digital realm. He introduced a groundbreaking 1:1 delivery system, recognizing the fragility of pottery products and the importance of ensuring their safe arrival. This customer-centric initiative set a new standard in the industry, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to delivering quality products intact to customers’ doorsteps.

Moreover, Kibriya actively engaged in familiarizing pottery items within urban households. His efforts went beyond mere business transactions; he embarked on a mission to educate people about the aesthetic and practical benefits of incorporating pottery into their homes. Through innovative marketing and awareness campaigns, he successfully positioned pottery as not just a traditional craft but as a modern and
stylish choice for home decor.

In addition to his commercial endeavors, Kibriya championed the cause of promoting the health and environmental benefits of pottery. He made people conscious of the inherent advantages of using pottery products, advocating for their positive impact on well-being and the eco-system. This holistic approach not only enhanced Bhola Mritshilpa’s brand image but also contributed to a broader societal understanding of the value inherent in traditional craftsmanship.

Kibriya’s influence extends far beyond Bhola Mritshilpa. His work has inspired other entrepreneurs to venture into the clay business, contributing to the overall development of the pottery industry in Bangladesh. His visionary leadership was instrumental in the establishment of Bangladesh’s first automated pottery factory, marking a significant leap in modernizing the traditional craft. Additionally, Kibriya’s
inspiration led to the creation of an exhibition center, showcasing indigenous pottery items of Bangladesh, further promoting the rich cultural heritage of the country.

In essence, Monjur Kibriya Bhuiyan emerges as the most instrumental force in the success story of Bhola Mritshilpa, propelling the company into new frontiers and fundamentally reforming the pottery business in Bangladesh. His visionary leadership, innovative strategies, and unwavering dedication have left an indelible mark, making him a central figure in the evolution of the brand and the pottery industry as a whole.

Phase 5

Today, Bhola Mritshilpa stands as a beacon of traditional Bengali clay artistry, not only catering to the domestic market but also making its mark globally. The Display Center at Majed Sardar Road, Chankhanarpool, Dhaka, serves as a testament to the brand’s enduring legacy, where buyers can directly acquire products that embody the essence of Bengaliness for their homes. As Bhola Mritshilpa continues to evolve, it remains dedicated
to preserving the rich heritage of pottery while embracing modern techniques and global outreach. The brand’s future appears promising, driven by the indomitable spirit of innovation and commitment instilled by its visionary leaders.

Humayun Kabir

Welcome to our site

Welcome to Bhola Mritshilpa

Greetings and a warm welcome to Bhola Mritshilpa, your gateway to the world of timeless craftsmanship and artistry. I am Humayun Kabir, the owner and managing director of Bhola Mritshilpa, and it is with immense joy that I guide you through our journey.

Since our inception in the late 1980s, Bhola Mritshilpa has been dedicated to bringing the essence of Bengaliness into homes worldwide. Our commitment to preserving traditional pottery craftsmanship is seamlessly woven with a commitment to innovation. As you explore our company profile, you will witness not only the rich cultural heritage of Bangladesh but also our capacity to evolve with modern techniques.

I extend my deepest gratitude to Monjur Kibriya Bhuiyan, a visionary entrepreneur whose unwavering commitment and efforts have been instrumental in shaping Bhola Mritshilpa and contributing to the overall infrastructure of pottery development in Bangladesh. Without him, our journey and the evolution of the pottery industry would not have been possible.

We invite you to delve into our diverse collection, a testament to the skill and passion of potters across the country. Bhola Mritshilpa is more than a pottery brand; it's a celebration of artistry, a bridge between tradition and the contemporary. Thank you for choosing Bhola Mritshilpa. We look forward to sharing the beauty of our craft with you.


To establish Bhola Mritshilpa as a globally recognized leader in traditional Bengali clay artistry, synonymous with cultural richness and artistic innovation. The long-term ambition is to be acknowledged by prestigious organizations such as UNESCO and the UN for unwavering commitment to implementing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Inspired by the essence of Bengaliness, the company aspires to be a symbol of heritage preservation and creative excellence on the international stage, similar to platforms like Etsy.”


To achieve the overarching goal, Bhola Mritshilpa embarks on a step-bystep mission, aiming to play under different ‘leagues’ of growth:

  1. Brand Association Enhancement: Forge strategic partnerships and
    collaborations to strengthen brand association within the industry and beyond.
  2. Website Enrichment: Constantly evolve and enrich the online platform, offering an immersive experience for customers and stakeholders.
  3. Reseller Attraction: Attract and build strong relationships with resellers both in Bangladesh and overseas, expanding reach and market presence.
  4. Outlet Expansion: Increase physical outlets, ensuring wider
    accessibility for customers and establishing a strong physical
  5. Packaging Upgrade: Update and enhance packaging, emphasizing
    sustainability and aesthetics to align with global standards.
  6. Brand Awareness Increase: Implement targeted marketing and
    awareness campaigns to increase brand visibility, ensuring that Bhola Mritshilpa becomes a household name associated with quality, tradition, and innovation.”

By diligently pursuing these strategic missions, Bhola Mritshilpa aims to gradually realize its long-term vision, positioning the company as a beacon of traditional Bengali clay artistry on the global stage.

Creator and Designer of the Brand


Monjur Kibriya Bhuiyan, aged 25, was born in Feni but raised in Khagrachari, one of the hill tracts of Bangladesh known for its diverse indigenous and tribal communities. This region, where people from different cultures and religions coexist harmoniously, has deeply influenced Mr. Bhuiyan’s appreciation for culture and heritage. He completed his SSC from Khagrachari Cantonment Public School and College and pursued his HSC at Dhaka Imperial College. Mr. Bhuiyan, having one elder brother, continued his academic journey with remarkable success. Graduating with First-Class 1st Merit positions in both Honours and Master’s, achieving a CGPA above 3.60, Mr. Bhuiyan majored in the Department of Television, Film, and Photography at the University of Dhaka. His master’s thesis, titled “OTT and New Genres of Content: Bangladeshi Perspective,” was supervised by the esteemed media scholar Professor Dr. AJM Shafiul Alam Bhuiyan. Following roles as a Project Manager and Brand Manager, Mr. Bhuiyan currently serves as the Social Media and Digital Manager for Bhola Mritshilpa. Simultaneously, he holds
the position of a research fellow at the Bangladesh Film Archive, focusing on the research of Bangladeshi auteur filmmakers. Beyond academia, Mr. Bhuiyan has actively contributed as a research assistant to various academic projects and collaborated with diverse brands and companies, accumulating practical experience in the field. His work, research, and teaching interests revolve around AI in media, digital communication, marketing communication, new media, and convergence. Notably, Mr. Bhuiyan’s association with Bhola Mritshilpa began when he was merely 21 years old, designing the brand during his junior year at Dhaka University. His innovative spirit came to the forefront during a course named Television Journalism: Business and Economics, taught by renowned journalist Ishtiaq Reza. His impactful news report on the significance of Doyel Chattar’s Craft market for the small and cottage industries of Bangladesh gained widespread attention. This caught the eye of the owner and MD Humayun Kabir of Bhola Mritshilpa. Mr. Bhuiyan’s entrepreneurial ideas and visionary plans subsequently transformed the trajectory of Bhola Mritshilpa.

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