✨ Explore our exclusive handmade clay items for those who appreciate the unique native home decor. Whether you’re looking to adorn your home or seeking a distinctive gift, our aesthetically crafted pieces are perfect.

✅ What’s in our decor category:
🌿 Coin Bank
🌿 Clay Ashtray/Coil Pot
🌿 Clay Diya/Lamp
🌿 Showpiece Items
🌿 Clay flower Vase
🌿 Terracotta Wall Art and more

Clay Ashtray (6)

Clay Candle Holder (2)

Clay Clock (1)

Clay Coin Bank (6)

Clay Diya (3)

Clay Flower Vase (62)

Clay Mirror Frame (12)

Clay Mosquito Coil Holder (5)

Clay Pencil Holder (39)

Clay Showpiece (39)

Clay Wall Hanging (46)