How to Place an Order from Outside Dhaka?

To order from outside Dhaka, please follow these guidelines:

  • Unfortunately, home delivery services are not available outside Dhaka city.
  • For areas beyond Dhaka, we exclusively utilize Sundarban Courier Service, ensuring international standard packaging.
  • Our courier service extends only to the Zilla Sadar Sundarban Courier Branch.
  • If opting for courier service outside Dhaka, please be advised that both delivery and packaging charges must be settled in advance.
  • The combined cost for courier and packaging is Tk 200 per carton.
  • Following the advance payment, customers will receive the product delivery invoice within 48 hours. The invoice includes a serial number or QR code, enabling you to track the parcel’s location and delivery time on the Sundarban Courier Service website.
  • Products are dispatched to the customer’s district within 72 hours of booking. If you receive a call or a message from Sundarban Courier Company, please arrange to collect the products within 24 hours.

Do you offer wholesale services?

For business purposes, including wholesale, bulk orders, customized orders, or for restaurant/hotel inquiries, please reach out to us directly via WhatsApp at +8801765836741.

Do you give home delivery/cash on delivery outside Dhaka?

Dear Valued Customer,

We regret to inform you that we do not offer home delivery services outside Dhaka. This decision stems from past experiences where products were prone to breakage during transit. In Dhaka, we take pride in providing a 1:1 home delivery service through our dedicated delivery personnel, ensuring the safe arrival of products to our customers.

However, extending this service outside Dhaka is not feasible for us. Additionally, popular home delivery service companies such as Redex, Ecurier, Tiger, and Pathao are reluctant to handle fragile items like clay products.

For a secure and reliable delivery experience, we recommend using Sundarban Courier. With a low risk of product breakage, your order will be delivered within 72 hours, ensuring a safe and timely arrival. Thank you for your understanding.

What is the delivery charge in Dhaka?

Dear Valued Customer,

🌿 Our minimum home delivery charge in Dhaka is Tk. 150. This charge varies based on the weight of the product and the distance from our warehouse, increasing exponentially.

🌿 We take pride in offering a 1:1 delivery service. This means that our dedicated delivery personnel will personally handle and deliver your single parcel directly to your destination. There is no intermediary handling during the delivery process.

🌿 Unlike other companies in Dhaka city that may offer lower-cost deliveries, we cannot provide a standard, cost-effective delivery service. This is due to the fragile nature of our products. Traditional home delivery service companies often do not transport delicate goods, and their methods may not guarantee the safe delivery of our products. Therefore, we have implemented our delivery process to ensure a 100% secure delivery, even if it comes at a slightly higher cost.

🌿 The delivery charges you incur go directly to compensating the delivery personnel, while the packaging cost is covered by us. Unfortunately, this leaves no room for lowering the delivery charges. We appreciate your understanding in this matter. Thank you.

What are the rules of cooking in clay pots?

✔ Rules for Cooking in Earthen Pots Properly:
🌿 Begin by washing and drying the clay pot for 5-10 minutes, then place it in the gas oven.
🌿 Avoid placing an empty rice pot directly on the stove; instead, add water and rice before placing it on the gas stove.
🌿 Initially, cook on low heat, avoiding high temperatures. Start by oil cooking in the pot/pan.
🌿 In the second step, adjust the heat to your preference.
🌿 Finally, cook normally; prolonged low-heat cooking enhances the longevity of your culinary creations.

⚠️ 3 Important Considerations for Dear Customers:
1️⃣ Avoid placing a wet pot directly on the stove.
2️⃣ Cook on low heat and gradually increase the temperature.
3️⃣ On the first day, consider cooking something less expensive to familiarize yourself with the proper usage.

🌿 For a practical video on cooking in a gas oven, visit: Facebook Reel Video

Where is your showroom?

Display Center: 

Bhola Pottery & Handicrafts 64/2, Nimatli, Majed Sardar Road, Behind Sheikh Borhan Uddin College, Chankharpool, Bangsal-1100, Dhaka

✅🚗Display Center Location: Map Location

✅ Hotline Number: ✆ +8801865342623 (WhatsApp)

✅ For Delivery Inquiries: ✆ +8801712608354 (WhatsApp)

✅ For Wholesale, Bulk Orders, Customized Orders, or Business Inquiries Including Restaurant/Hotel: ✆ +8801765836741 (WhatsApp)

How to Make a Purchase from Abroad?

Dear Valued Customer,

Exciting news! We are delighted to inform you that we now provide international delivery services through FedEx. For shipments weighing less than 20 kg, the delivery fee is Tk 2000 per kilogram, and for those exceeding 20 kg, the charge is Tk 1200 per kilogram. Please note that a customs clearance fee of Tk 3000 is applicable.

Best Regards, Bhola Mritshilpa

How much is the delivery charge?

Dear Valued Customer,

The delivery charges depend on the delivery location (Dhaka or outside Dhaka), product weight, and carton size. We provide home delivery within Dhaka and outside Dhaka, Sundarban Courier’s district branch delivery with a condition system. 

Best Regards, Bhola Mritshilpa

Where is your factory?

Bhola Mritshilpa and Handicrafts Factory: 
Mujahid Nagar (Adjacent to Janani Tissue Factory), Tegharia, Dakshin Keraniganj Dhaka.
✅🚗Factory Location: Map Location
✅Owner and Managing Director: Md. Humayun Kabir
Contact: ✆ +8801765836741 
iMO, Messenger, Whatsapp, Viber: +8801765836741

Do you have an Emergency Delivery Service?

For emergency deliveries, we utilize Pathao Parcel:
In this scenario, the delivery charges displayed in the Pathao app are the only amount the delivery person will collect. Payment for the product must be made during the ordering process.
Payment Details:

  • 01712608354 bKash (Personal)
  • 01826315879 bKash (Merchant)

To avail of emergency delivery via Pathao, kindly provide your name, mobile number, and complete address, and specify the time when you or your family member can receive the delivery.
✅ Hotline Number: ✆ +8801865342623 (WhatsApp)

Note: Please refrain from giving money for the product directly to the rider. The rider will only collect the designated delivery charge.

Why do Clay Water Jars, Jugs, and Pitchers Sweat?

Many of our customers often inquire about the phenomenon of clay jars and jugs “sweating” when used for storing water. Is this a problem, and what is the solution?

Consider the example of placing an item inside a fridge; it becomes cold. When you take that cold item out, the water vapor in the air comes into contact with the cold surface of the item, causing condensation. In essence, the item becomes coated with water droplets.

Now, let’s examine the behavior of earthen jugs, pitchers, and jars. When water is stored in a clay container, the heat escapes through the porous particles in the clay, lowering the temperature of the container. Consequently, the water inside the pot becomes cold. This temperature difference between the inside of the clay pot and the external environment leads to the air in contact with the container turning into liquid, resulting in condensation on the surface of the container. This accumulation of liquid on the exterior of the jar may appear like the jar is “sweating.” It’s important to note that this is not water leaking from the jar; rather, it is water vapor in the air condensing on the outer surface.