The demand for clay dinner items, designed to add a touch of beauty to the dining table, is increasing day by day. Once primarily marketed around Pahela Boishakh, enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals now seek modern design dinner items throughout the year. For them, Bhola Mritshilpa offers the largest dinner collection in Bangladesh.

🌿 You can purchase a dinner set according to your style, or opt for single pieces.
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🌿 All products undergo 100% quality control checks and are crafted by skilled artisans in our factory.
🌿 The product will be delivered directly from the factory to the customer.

Clay Bowl (18)

Clay Cooker Bowl (1)

Clay Curry Bowl (5)

Clay Firni Bowl (1)

Clay Glass (9)

Clay Hotpot (1)

Clay Jug (9)

Clay Motka Pots (14)

Clay Plate (22)

Clay Rice Bowl (1)

Clay Salt Pot (5)

Clay Serving Dish (8)

Clay Serving Handi (5)

Clay Shanki (4)

Clay Soup Bowl (1)

Clay Spice Jar (2)

Clay Tea Tray (1)

Clay Teacup with Saucer (12)

Clay Vegetable Bowl (1)

Clay Water Jar (12)